Epic Australia Sale



Terms & Conditions

1. Purchaser (you) must be an individual. Epic Australia Sale is not available to corporations, associations, non-incorporated associations or groups.
2. Purchaser is deemed the account holder (user) for the time purchased unless the user is under 18 years of age.
3. Only ONE account per purchaser, only one person (you) on the account.
4. The Epic Australia Sale promotion is based on the purchase of tunnel time for use at iFLY Downunder (Sydney), iFLY Gold Coast and iFLY Perth in accordance with the terms of the iFLY terms and conditions. The Epic Australia Sale promotional rate is only available for use Monday to Friday (off-peak), excluding between 6:00pm to 8:00pm, school holidays and public holidays. Off-peak times varies in each facility and are subject to change.
5. Epic Australia Sale is an online purchase only and cannot be purchased via any other means unless notified by iFLY Downunder (Sydney), iFLY Gold Coast and iFLY Perth.
6. There is no limit to the number of hours an individual can purchase, however, the total number of Epic Australia Sale hours available for the entire promotion is limited.
7. Epic Australia Sale hours are available for online purchase from 10:00am AEDST Monday 22 October 2018.
a. The Epic Australia Sale will open 2 hours earlier exclusively for Indoor Skydive Australia Group Founding Members. For these members, the sale will commence at 8:00am AEDST Monday 22 October 2018.
8. The stock may run out at any time during your purchase process. To avoid disappointment, ensure you finalise your transaction as soon as possible.
9. Your account will not be credited until full cleared funds have been received (particularly when paying by Direct Bank Transfer).
10. Epic Australia Sale time must be used within 60 months (5 years) of you first receiving access to your account for use.
11. Epic Australia Sale time is not for resale, transfer or refund.
12. Founder discounts do not apply to this promotion.
13. Epic Australia Sale is only available for use by experienced skydivers or tunnel flyers. Purchaser (you) warrants that he/she is an experienced skydiver or tunnel flyer. If the purchaser is not an experienced skydive or tunnel flyer, iFLY will ask you to complete a first timer package at an Indoor Skydive Australia Group facility at your cost before utilising your Epic Australia Sale hours.
14. You must be present and “in the wind” at an Indoor Skydive Australia Group facility at all times while the hours you have purchased are being used. You may invite additional flyers to fly in the tunnel during your flight time in accordance with the iFLY general flight terms and conditions. All additional flyers must have either completed an iFLY ‘first timer’ package unless they hold a current skydiving (sport) license or are registered as a ‘flyer’ on the IBA website (www.tunnelflight.com) and must abide by the iFLY general flight terms and conditions.
15. Account Holder (Purchaser/you) must abide by iFLY general flight terms and conditions.
16. Epic Australia Sale hours cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.