Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships 2017


The 3rd annual Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships
will be on Friday 18th & Saturday 19th August 2017!

Bigger and better, the 2017 AustralIan Indoor Skydiving Championships will run over two massive days and will include more categories, more competition, more people and more fun! Flyers of all levels are welcome to take part or come along to watch all the action!

Register now for Early Bird prices!

(ends 28/07/2017 at 11:45pm AEST. +$15 per slot thereafter)

Event Categories for 2017*:
2-Way VFS Inter | 2-Way VFS Open
$190^ per person
4-Way FS A | 4-Way FS AA
4-Way FS AAA | 4-Way FS Rookie
4-Way VFS Inter | 4-Way VFS Open
$145^ per person
Dynamic 2-Way Inter | Dynamic 2-Way Open
$285^ per person
Dynamic 4-Way Open
$185^ per person
Freestyle Kids Inter | Freestyle Kids Open
Freestyle Open
$220^ per person

Registration includes:
Competition tunnel time
3 minutes (per team) to set tunnel speed
Event t-shirt
Food tickets and;
Entry to our closing ceremony huckjam!


Stay up to date with all the Champs news

The Frequent iFLYERS Facebook page will have continued updates leading up to the event, check it out here:

Frequent iFLYERS Facebook

Need a Teammate?

Don't worry there is a Facebook page set-up to help flyers connect with other teammates!

Find Teammates

2016 Championships

Check out all the action from the 2016 Australian Championships below:

2016 Winning Teams

FS 4way AAA: Rotor Out
FS 4way AA: Goo Woo Crew
FS 4way A: Skyblockers SG
FS 4way Rookie: Fly by Chutings
2way VFS Inter: TMFY
2way VFS Open: J&B Rare
4way VFS Open: Focus
2way Dynamic: iFLY Downunder
Freestyle Open: Kyra Poh
Freestye Junior: Amy Watson

*Please note that categories with less than five teams will be non-competitive and therefore inelligible for prizes. Competitors in non-competitive categories will still receive medals at the awards ceremony. If you register for more than one event, you will be eligible for your choice of a $78 refund or five (5) minutes of tunnel time per additional category. Details to follow.
**While we encourage you to enter mulitple categories, you cannot participate in more than one team per category. Please note you can only register in one freestyle category. Check out the official Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships website and our Frequent iFLYERS Facebook page for continued updates leading up to the event.

^Prices advertised reflect early bird prices. Prices will change 28/07/2017 at 11:45pm AEST.  Thereafter prices will be priced +$15 per slot.