iFLY Indoor Skydiving Coaches and Ambassadors


iFLY Specialist Coaching is only $5 per minute on top of your existing tunnel time. Please contact us to arrange your schedule on coaching@ifly.com.au or call 1300 366 364 (call +61 2 4761 1800 for iFLY Downunder or +61 75655 2400 for iFLY Gold Coast from abroad). Please book in advance.

Hiring a private coach for you or your team will really accelerate your learning. All our instructors can teach basic belly and back fly, but we recommend getting a private coach for at least 50% of your solo flights once you have mastered the basics and 100% of the time if you want to master the challenges of ‘head down’ flight.

Your coach will give you a full briefing, work with you in the tunnel's airflow and provide a detailed video debrief. They will also give you tips for your next session, keep track of your progress and introduce you to other flyers and potential teammates.

You are welcome to bring your own coaches or choose from our recommended coaches below. Coaches without a relevant IBA instructor rating will need to take a ‘hands off’ approach and request specialist spotting at least 7 days prior to the flight.


iFLY Downunder Coaches
Kurmet Jaadla – Chief Flight Instructor & Instructor Trainer (T4)
Jimmy Cooper - Flight Instructor (Level 4)
Kyle Chick - Flight Instructor (Level 4)
Nathan Smith - Flight Instructor (Level 4)
Brett Summers - Flight Instructor (Level 4)
Liam Hoffmann - Flight Instructor (Level 4)


Russ Blackman - Coach
Specialist Discipline: Formation Skydiving
Greatest Achievement: Being part of both the Dubai and Czech Republic 2014 Australian Parachute Teams for 8 way FS.
Regular flyer, coach and friendly face Russ is often found helping others here at iFLY or at the DZ. Russ loves to introduce new skydivers to the tunnel and train them up to be 4-way super stars! Russ is keen to get more intermediate flyers trying out 8-way in our huge 16ft tunnel and he's also one of the duo behind our popular 4-way Belly Scrambles competition.

Troy Crotty - Coach
Specialist Discipline: Formation Skydiving
Greatest Achievement: Being part of both the Dubai and Czech Republic 2014 Australian Parachute Teams for 8 way FS
The second half of the Troy and Russ duo responsible for a whole heap of new skydivers staying in the sport. Troy loves to encourage those up and coming jumpers to form teams, enter competition and just generally give it a go! Troy has dedicated the past year to teaching others and we are lucky to have him around - thanks Troy!

Team Impulse
Team Impulse are the up and coming 4-way team in Australia, taking gold at the Australian Intermediate 4-way competition and now competing in the open category. They also competed at the World Cup as part of the Australian Team 2015.
The Queensland team is made up of Alan, Dale and Travis who can be seen training or coaching others on a regular basis here at iFLY. Impulse are a friendly bunch, always willing to help out newbies and offer advice. We love you team Impulse!

Matt Boag
iFLY employee Matt Boag "Boagsy" is a DZ and Boogie regular. His passion for flying equals his passion to teach others and push the sport of Skydiving and Body Flight in Australia. Matt also coaches some of our Junior iFLYERs on a regualr basis including kids team Evolution and he also coached 9 year old Amy who won two medals at the Australian Indoor Skydiving Championship. 

Barbara Meister
Barbara is a champion when it comes to encouraging newbies into the world of freefly and helping experienced FreeFlyers to achieve their coach ratings. She's an active freefly coach and organises multiple skydiving events for all freefly abilities, often bringing over international superstar coaches for tunnel and sky combined events (check out FreeFly Fridays on Facebook. Barbara's passion for flying and the sport has taken her to many dropzones word-wide as she continues to develop her own ninja skills!

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