iFLY Coaching

All sessions come with an instructor to keep you safe. If you want to speed up your progression, we recommend hiring a private coach. Coaching is only $5 per minute on top of your existing tunnel time. Please contact your coach directly if you have their details or use the form below to book your coaching. Our coaches get booked up fast, so plan ahead to make the most out of your visit.

Your coach will give you a full briefing, work with you in the tunnel's airflow and provide a detailed video debrief. They will also give you tips for your next session, keep track of your progress and introduce you to other flyers and potential teammates.

You are welcome to bring your own coach or choose from our recommended coaches below. Coaches without a relevant IBA instructor rating will need to take a ‘hands off’ approach and request specialist spotting at least 7 days prior to the flight. See our full coaching T&Cs here.

What each level means


iFLY Downunder

Kurmet Jaadla (T4) Kyle Chick (T2) Jimmy Cooper (T2)
Liam Hoffman (L4) Sam Broad (L4) Mark Lea (L3)
Dan Smith (L3) Doni Gales (L2) Elise Brown (L2)
Kurt Gregson (L2) Aaron Turkington (L1) Josh Cropper (L1)
Nathan Smith (L4) Brett Summers (L4)  



iFLY Gold Coast

Tim Edwards (T4) Matt Boag (T2) Oliver Fong (L4)
Dan Catlow (L4) Damien Theakstone (L4) Dominic March (L4)
Olly Sheeran (L2) Tommer Vardi (L3) Leigh Smith (L4)





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