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iFLY indoor skydiving education programme learn Science, Physics, PDHPE & Engineering all with LIVE experiments!

Take learning to new heights with iFLY's STEM Program

Kids learn Math, Science, Physics, PDHPE & Engineering all with LIVE experiments! Indoor skydiving is safe and fun for ages 3+ and is fully accessible and inclusive, making it suitable for any year and level.

Key facts:

  • Australian Curriculum aligned
  • Math, Science, Physics, PDHPE & more
  • Tailored lessons for your year and class
  • Theory and practical components

Excursion overview:

Our unique excursions are designed for primary, secondary & tertiary students. They include:

  • Lesson plan co-ordination between iFLY Educator and school/camp/club contact
  • Experiments in the wind tunnel testing the effect of an object's mass and surface area on its terminal velocity
  • Flying instruction & safety training
  • 1 flight each with supervision from one of our highly-trained and certified instructors
  • Physics, PDHPE, Math and Science lessons, tailored to the participants' age group
  • Video of the full flight session
  • Duration: 3 hours depending on your group size
  • No experience necessary, anyone can fly!
  • Available weekdays
  • Groups from 10 through to 300 students (depending on location)


Check out the 1ST South Penrith Scouts Group educational visit to iFLY Downunder (Syndey West) which earnt them their Science Proficiency badges! Read more about their visit here.

ifly indoor skydiving education programme pdhpe


Indoor skydiving is a sport, and in our fun lesson students will learn about the physical skills required to fly, as well as the different classes of competition. Then they get to experience it for themselves!

ifly indoor skydiving education programme science


Our science program is tailored to show students how scientific principles make human flight possible. Then they will get to put the science into practice and see how their predictions relate to the real world.

ifly indoor skydiving education programme math


Maths is critical for flight – in our maths lesson, students will learn about how to calculate terminal velocity, as well as discussing ways to calculate surface area for simplified objects and the relationships between weight, size and speed.

ifly indoor skydiving education programme physics


Indoor skydiving wouldn’t be possible without a thorough understanding of the physical principles underlying flight – learn about how the surface area, wind speed and weight interact to make you fly!

ifly indoor skydiving education programme engineering


Learn about the design principles that make indoor skydiving possible! We discuss Bernoulli’s principle, aerodynamics, drag and turbulence.



An iFLY Excursion costs $39 per student (minimum 10) and includes:

  • Tailored theory lesson
  • Live practical experiment in the wind tunnel
  • An indoor skydiving flight for each student
  • All training and gear hire (flight suit, helmet, goggles)
  • Personalized flight certificates
  • Total excursions lasts approximately 3 hours

We can also personalize an excursion to include additional items such as more flight time. Please get in touch and we'll come up with your ideal package.


Glenmore Park High School Mathematics Department took a group of 90 Year 7 students to iFLY as a Maths excursion and here is what they had to say:

"The kids were so excited from the minute we told them and for weeks after the excursion was over, we're still raving about how much fun they had and how they loved watching their friends and teachers fly too! From a teaching perspective, we all agreed that the lesson run by the iFLY educator was fantastic and showed how maths is involved in cool things that students get to do. It was such an easy excursion to organise, and from day one, the staff from iFly were so helpful and flexible. We will be making this excursion an annual event and would recommend it to any other schools out there!"


Catering can be pre-ordered at iFLY Downunder, iFLY Gold Coast & iFLY Perth. Please contact us to discuss options.

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