You've probably heard the word, but what is a huck jam? Traditionally a huck jam is a pile in session, no rules (okay - some rules), everyone just jumping in and having a good time! The idea is to fly with lots of different people and try lots of new moves. Here at iFLY we've found we like to have a little more structure to the event. This gives everyone a fair number of goes whatever your skill level and ensures you get creative with your dives.

Why not try to build a human pyramid of sit flyers, lead a belly dynamic routine or try some 4-way on your back? Anything goes! It's great to get the adults and kids flying together, don a baggy suit and see if you can fly with the kid?

PenrithRodeo huckjam at iFLY Downunder

We love a huckjam in Penrith, in fact we run them everytime we feel like a celebration. Our birthday = have a huck jam, holidays = have a huck jam! Look out for the Dehombre families very own Huckjam - Flying Friends, happening every few months. Don't miss the legendary 'Uncle Tom's Hucky Huckjam', this event sells out fast.

Head down flyers at the Goldie HuckjamGold Coast

Look out for Fongo Friday's on the Goldie. Oliver Fong doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to learning new moves. Don a tropical shirt and join Fongo for a night of fun. You'll be surprise how many people you can fit in a 12ft tunnel.

Back carving at iFLY PerthPerth

It's not just a huckjam in Perth, it's a MEGAJAM. Living up to its name, the Perth crew bring everyone together for an amazing night of flying. Flat, freefly, static or dynamic it doesn't matter. With an amazing atmosphere, come down and join the party.


Keep an eye on our events calendar and sign up to the ISA Flight Club Facebook page to catch photos from our last event.