Ladies Night

Ladies Night is a fun, all inclusive night for all the fly-chicks out there. Whether you've just completed your first Fast Tracks, are a world record skydiver or somewhere in between, come and join us for a night of friends, food and most importantly - FLYING!

The aim of the night it to fly with others, our beautiful lady leaders will organise you into groups to complete dynamic routines, structured dives or just something really fun - human surfing anyone?


Look out for regular events in Penrith with the enthusiatic trio - Izaya, Doni and Elise.

You'll usually catch Izaya behind the desk, but she loves to fly and is really keen to shred! She loves dynamic movement and is always beaming to lead a routine. Doni is an all-rounder flyer who loves to fly some freestyle, but is also a weapon in dynamic and VFS! Elise is an international freestyle competitor who has her eyes on a the podium, but loves to teach cool tricks - whatever your experience level. 



You'll catch the awesome Sarah Yates (iFLY Sponsored Athlete) in the Gold Coast. Sarah has humble beginnings in the sport and quickly grew to become one of Australia's best flyers! She loves cats, but she also loves to FLY! Sarah will host Ladies Night events and will happy teach you a thing or two, or just fly with our newest flyers!


In Perth Ladies Night is run by special guests, in the past they've seen World Champion Inka Tiitto and up and coming freestyler Amalie Hegland Lauritzen. You'll find a whole bunch of awesome ladies to cheer you on, including all the ladies working at iFLY. Look out for the 2017 flyer of the year - Melissa who's become quite the flying addict and has also recently learnt to skydive from a plane too. 

Look out for the next event at your tunnel on our events calendar. If you are not sure if Ladies Night is for you, why not pop in and meet our friendly ladies? I can guaranteed you all the female staff will be flying too. Watch out for legend Sandy in Penrith and her famous cheesecake! Catch all the photos of the action on the ISA Flight Club Facebook page.