We love a Scrambles. Part luck, part skill and a whole bunch of fun. A great way to meet flying buddies, learn the dive pools and perhaps win a prize too. The Scrambles is a nice introduction to a judged competition without the pressure. 4-way FS Scrambles, 2-way Head up VFS or for extra carnage why not try the Mixed Formation Scrambles (MFS).

Flat Formation 4 way Scrambles4-way Flat (FS) Scrambles

With dives from the blast and A-category pools and rounds every 10-15 minutes, your mind will be buzzing trying to remember all the moves. Each team is made up of an even mix of experience and you will fly with the same team for the whole event.

In Penrith the amazing Troy and Russ champion this event, with live judging. The new format see a very experienced team captain guiding each team, this way, it's like a coached event too. Contact Troy and Russ to get Scrambles ready. In the Goldie, Alex Cattaneo is running the show. Sometimes 3-way is enough and sometimes the carnage level is knocked up a touch with a 4-way event. 

VFS head up ScramblesVFS Scrambles

The vertical formation scramlbes are usually 2-way head up, but head down events have taken place in the past. This time you'll have a different partner each round, so not only do you have to work on a different dive, you need to match your wind speeds. There is only one winner in a VFS scrambles as the points are a total from each round. Don't let the belly/back rounds catch you out. You must be signed off to sit fly and take docks at high speed to join this event. Mark the next one on your calendar now.

MFS Scrambles on the Gold CoastMFS Scrambles

Woah! This is next level crazy. Similar to the VFS Scrambles but you'll be sit flying and belly flying in the same dive with a constant wind speed. I hope you've got a good arch! With the changes in wind speed you'll be moving up and down the tunnel while trying to complete the next move. This is a favourite in the Gold Coast, so check out the events calendar for the next event.


For more details on the next events check out the event calendar and keep an eye on the ISA Flight Club page on Facebook.