Would you like to improve your personal flying skills and enjoy this sport to your full potential?  iFLY recommends Supercharge coached programs as a great way to achieve your goals.

Programs are structured to help you apply best practice body flight techniques in flat fly and relative work disciplines so that you can be included in fun and social activities, improve your performance in a team or be invited on more challenging events and records. 

Developed by Melissa Harvie, Supercharge programs support the goals of both indoor and outdoor skydivers.  They are available on three levels to suit all abilities and experience.  Melissa is an accomplished skydiving competitor and coach with a history of National and World level representation in 4-way, 8-way and Big Way formation skydiving.  In your Supercharge experience, she and her team of experts will partner with you to personalise your training in support of your unique sporting goals.


How do Supercharge Programs Work?

You can Supercharge in a 3 day Tunnel Camp or 1 day Tunnel Clinic

Camps or Clinics

- Camps are intensive and combine all training modules

- Clinics focus on one module at a time

- Three performance levels, Initiate, Integrate and Optimize

Learning Content

- Our signature 3P system of Posture, Proximity and Perspective

- Coaching calls before and after the tunnel training

- Best practice personalised to your needs


Being able to fly your body is key to achieving your goals.  It is particularly important if you want to do the ‘cool stuff’ in team events and formation skydiving. Supercharge coached programs are designed to unleash your potential so that you can enjoy greater success with friends and as a competitive skydiver.

Coaching calls are included in your program and held prior to Camps and Clinics.  In the calls you work with a coach to review your experience and vision in the sport, share related information and plan for your tunnel training.  And so you need to book your slot in advance of the tunnel event itself. 

Pre scheduled Camps are shown in the events calendar.  Additional Camps and individual Clinics are scheduled on demand. Download the Supercharge flyer here and submit your application to participate in the program through the contact form below.

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