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Events are a great way to meet other flyers, improve your skills in a fun or competitive environment, and to fly for cheaper!

We run a variety of events every couple of weeks across all of our venues. If you have any special event requests or ideas, please send them through to us at - we'd love to hear them!

Popular Events

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iFLY Downunder: Chase The Ace
Every Thursday!

Every Thursday, any Flight Club member who flies 5+ minutes between 6pm - 9pm enters the raffle to Chase the Ace (of spades). Jackpot is kicking off at 30 minutes, so book in your tunnel time and guarantee your chance to chase the ACE! Jumping in to share some time with a mate? You also get a ticket!

Not a Flight Club Member yet? Sign up today: 

SKILL: All skill levels

BOOK: Book as you normally would online or over the phone.


iFLY Downunder: September 23rd - 26th
Downunder Dynamics

SKILL LEVEL: All skills are welcome.
DISCIPLINE: Dynamic and Static
PRICE: $1200p/h including coaching

TO BOOK: Contact Mason via FB or email


iFLY Downunder: September 28th
Ladies Night at iFLY Downunder

SKILL LEVEL: Ladies of all skills and abilities are welcome! You also need to be signed off to fly with others (Speak to staff if you're unsure).
DISCIPLINE: Get involved in whatever you're into, whether it be belly or back, dynamic or static, head up or head down and meet a great bunch of ladies with the same passion as you.
TIMES: Arrival time 6:30pm - Flying will be at 7:30pm and 8:30pm.
Join your shredettes every two months on the last Saturday of the month for an amazing evening! We are super keen to get the girls back together for another night of flying and banter. We're all about making everyone feel welcome, whether you're an advanced flyer to someone who has just mastered back flying.

TO BOOK: Contact the iFLY Downunder Flight Crew on 1300 366 364 (then press 1) or email 


iFLY Downunder: October 16th - 18th 
DTF Tunnel Camp

SKILL LEVEL: All skills are welcome.
PRICE: $1200p/h including coaching

TO BOOK: Contact Sam Broad or Liam Hoffmann via FB.



iFLY Gold Coast: Every Tuesday Night 
Coach Night 

SKILL LEVEL: All abilities are welcome.
DISCIPLINE: Any discipline you like. 
PRICE: $165
TIMES: 7:00pm (arrive by 6:00pm)

WHAT: Chance to progress your skills without braking the bank in any discipline. 

TO BOOK: Contact the iFLY Gold Coast Flight Crew on 1300 366 364 (press #2) or email 

iFLY Gold Coast: Saturday 21th September 2019
MFS With Tim Edwards 

SKILL LEVEL: Must be signed off to sit fly and take docks with others at high wind speeds
DISCIPLINE: Belly, Back, Sit-fly
PRICE: $75
TIMES: 7:00pm (arrive by 6:00pm)
WHAT: We're back with Mixed Formation Scrambles! Teams are randomly brought together in pairs to compete in 2-way MFS- taking docks in anything from belly or sit flying! Minimum 8 people needed to be registered by WEDNESDAY 18th September  in order for this event to go ahead so remember to REGISTER!

TO BOOK: Contact the iFLY Gold Coast Flight Crew on 1300 366 364 (press #2) or email 

iFLY Gold Coast: Saturday 12th October 2019
Flat Scrambles With Alex Cattaneo

SKILL LEVEL: Must be signed off to fly with others on your belly in the tunnel.
DISCIPLINE: 3-way belly.

PRICE: $65
TIMES: Arrive by 6pm

WHAT: The classic and popular Flat Scrambles is back! Join us for a night of fun- teams 3 will be randomly drawn on the night and battle it out to determine which team dominates 3 way formation flying. Only 45 spots avaible so get in early! 

TO BOOK: Contact the iFLY Gold Coast Flight Crew on 1300 366 364 (then press 2), coaching with iFLY coaches must be booked through

iFLY Gold Coast: Saturday 2nd November 2019
No Skill Saturday With Boags 

SKILL LEVEL: Must be signed off to belly fly for beginner category. Must be able to sit fly for advanced category.
DISCIPLINE: Belly, Back, Sit-fly
PRICE: $95
7:30pm (arrive by 6:30pm)
WHAT: Great chance for all flyers from newbie to ninja to come and take part in a fun competition, meet new flyers, win prizes and have a good time. There will be beginner, intermediate and advanced categories.  Beers and pizzas at the end of the night.
TO BOOK: Call us on 1300 366 364 (press #2) or email 

iFLY Gold Coast: Friday 8th November 2019
Fongo Friday After Hours Lock In

SKILL LEVEL: Must be signed off to fly with others in the tunnel.
PRICE: $185
WHAT: After hours lock in tropical style Huckjam with Oliver Fong! Limited spots so get yourself booked in ASAP. Pizza and drinks after the flying! Come in your best tropical outfit!
TO BOOK: Call us on 1300 366 364 (option #2) or email

iFLY Gold Coast: TBC
Belly Dynamic With Daniel Catlow 

SKILL LEVEL: If you can hold a slot in 3-way belly in the tunnel and want to learn the building blocks of dynamic flying on your belly, this is for you!
DISCIPLINE: Belly Dynamic events are a great way to experience what free-flying is all about, but without having to learn a new orientation! It will fell familiar, yet challenging to you if you've never tried it! It's super fun and easy to progress and learn something a little different.
PRICE: $247.50- includes coaching.
TIMES: 7:00pm (arrive by 6:00pm)

WHAT: Break the grips and start flying freely! 4 slots available, a total of 1hr of flying, each individual will be guaranteed at LEAST 20 mins of flying. The camp is open to any belly flyer who has experience flying a 3-way belly formation in the tunnel.  

TO BOOK: Contact the iFLY Gold Coast Flight Crew on 1300 366 364 (press #2) or email