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iFLY Downunder (Sydney) and Gold Coast pride themselves on offering facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities. Indoor skydiving is one of the most all-inclusive activities in the world with the state-of-the-art wind tunnel providing a fully-controlled, ultra-safe environment giving almost anyone the opportunity to fly.

The nature of the activity means that carers can go through the whole process with someone else and provide assistance if necessary without having to pay any entrance fees. Only if you choose to jump into the air flow itself would you need to pay for your part in the experience.

If you know someone living with a disability, indoor skydiving might just be the perfect gift! Use the promotional code "ICANFLY" for 20% off our Intro and Plus packages flown Monday to Friday.

Please contact us on 1300 366 364 or at info@ifly.com.au to discuss individual access requirements so we can best prepare for your flight.

Wheelchair Users & Mobility Restrictions

All locations have lift access for wheelchair users, as well as restrooms and entrances that are designed to be wheelchair and pram accessible. Many people with mobility restrictions feel a sense of freedom and weightlessness when indoor skydiving with only small body movements required to move around the wind tunnel.

Hearing Loss/Partially Deaf

Due to the noise of the wind tunnel, indoor skydiving uses visual cues, which work perfectly for those living with hearing loss or who are partially deaf. 

Low Vision

Typically the sport of indoor skydiving uses visual cues, however, our instructors are trained with physical communication skills and we have found that low vision flyers often have a greater sense of body awareness, which is crucial for staying balanced in the wind and results in excellent flyers.

Psychological Disorder

Those living with a psychological disorder, especially those who experience low sensory input, often feel at home in the tunnel as the wind provides them with constant sensory input all over the body. The instructor is always in the wind with the flyer for constant comfort and reassurance.

Service Animals

Service animals are also welcome at all of our locations in the spirit of inclusiveness. Unfortunately, they aren't permitted to FLY, but the 360-degree glass tunnel means they can watch the entire experience.

GCT Accessibility Challenge

iFLY has a record of accommodating those of all abilities, with iFLY Gold Coast recently taking part in the Accessibility Challenge run by GCT in March 2018. Additionally, we have had FSG Australia came and declared iFLY to be ‘accessibly ready’!



Visit our BLOG to see stories of people with all abilities learning to fly.

To learn more or for any further information on how we can accommodate your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 366 364.

iFLY Indoor Skydiving constantly strives to ensure that our facilities are accessible to those of all abilities.

To learn more about destinations that provide accessibility go to cangoeverywhere.com.au for a full list of friendly attractions, accomodation and service providers.

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