Make it your sport

Did you know that indoor skydiving is a sport?

Just like any other sport, there are levels to progress through, different disciplines, and it is physically and mentally challenging.

But best of all, you can have loads of fun and make a bunch of friends along the way! You don't need any prior experience or any level of skill or physical strength, you just need to want to learn how to FLY!

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See our skills progression table below



Junior iFLYER Kids Club

Our "super fun" kids club (ages 6-16) will have your kids mastering the AIR in no time. we run indoor skydiving classes in a fully controlled, supervised environment where they can learn:

  • How to fly with others
  • Progress through the sport
  • Body awareness
  • Working as a team with other kids

Indoor skydiving is a unique and adrenaline-filled sport that improves confidence, coordination and body awareness while having heaps of fun!


Fantastic Community

When you make indoor skydiving your sport, you're not just entering the latest team sport. You're joining a passionate community of enthusiasts. Most skydiving disciplines are team orientated, and you will often you will see the same team form bonds for life.

Check out the Frequent iFLYER community FB page for all the latest events


Coaching is the way you improve your skills in the wind. Your coach will give you tips on your technique and bring the best out of your flying.

You can also ask them to introduce you to a great community of indoor skydivers as well as prepare you to begin attending regular skills and social events.

Check out our coaches profiles.

Ladies nights

Our ladies nights are an opportunity for the girls to come out and enjoy a night of flying with other women while building new friendships. We welcome women of different skill levels to join us in an environment that is friendly and open.

Check out our Ladies nights photo album. And keep a look out for our next ladies night on our events page.

Mixed Events

As the sport of indoor skydiving grows in Australia, we always have a new event every week. Whether you're looking to improve a particular skill, meet new flyers or just jump in the wind with some strangers we have an event for that.

Check out our full events calendar to register for one now!


The 2017 Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships (Sydney) was officially, the BIGGEST event of its kind in Australia... Dive into the world of indoor skydiving by checking out all our events on the Frequent iFLYER Facebook page.

Check out the Aussie Champs information page for all info.

Watch the highlight reel from the 2017 Aussie Champs below to see the best of the action from both days.

Western Australian Indoor Skydiving State Championships

The first ever Western Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships was held on Saturday,  25th November 2017 at iFLY Perth.


And you can even compete nationally and internationally! Once you start indoor skydiving as a sport, you automatically join our Frequent iFLYER Programme, which gives you access to special rates and rewards. So, come join us!

Check out our Fast Track and Return Flyer packages or give us a call on 1300 366 364 to find out more.