Frequent iFLYERS

Earn up to 90 minutes FREE FLIGHT TIME per year!

What is it?

The new Frequent iFLYER Programme is here to recognise and reward our loyal customers with exciting benefits including FREE FLIGHT TIME. It is open to all customers who have flown block time with us in any ISA Group tunnel in Australia from the programme commencement date of 1st January 2017.

How do you join?

It’s automatic and there are no fees! Each time you fly with us, our systems will record your flying time as it accrues. When you reach your first status level (after 60mins flying), you’ll receive notification of your membership. The more you fly, the more you progress through the status levels and the more loyalty benefits you’ll receive.

What are the benefits?

Member benefits are awarded on the basis of the membership status level(s) you achieve during your membership year. These benefits include:

How much FREE FLIGHT TIME can I get?

FREE FLIGHT TIME is automatically calculated on the basis of your individual share of session time flown. The maximum FREE FLIGHT TIME you can earn is 90 minutes per membership year.

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